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Выставки и конференции / Материалы конференций, семинаров и выставок / Доклады Всемирного Конгресса Литейщиков (World foundry congress)

Доклады Всемирного Конгресса Литейщиков (World foundry congress)

Здесь представлены названия докладов Всемирного Конгресса Литейщиков (World foundry congress), который прошёл в Лондоне c 5 по 7 июня 2006 года.

Названия докладов на английском языке:

Plenary Session: Casting the Future

Modelling microstructural evolution in cast alloys

Professor Rachel Thomson MA PhD Cambridge Professor of Materials Engineering, IPTME, Loughborough University , UK

Maximising supply chain competitiveness and market opportunities by exploitation of technology

Dr M C Ashton FREng MIM Chief Executive, Castings Technology International, UK

The auto sector in a world of ultra competition: nowhere for the inefficient to hide

Professor Garel Rhys OBE / Emeritus Professor, Centre for Automotive Industry Research, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University , Wales

Latest Developments in Ferrous Casting Production

Paper 217

Production of ductile iron castings in green sand moulds without feeders

R. Sillén, NovaCast Technologies, Sweden

Paper 121

Developments in the design of steel castings

M. Blair, R.W. Monroe, The Steel Founders’ Society of America , Crystal Lake , Illinois , USA

Paper 234

Multiloop approach for automatic mould filling in ferrous foundry

C. Debray*, M. Dussud*, M. Biardeau*, and P. Canon** / * SERT, France, ** ACI Le Mans, France

Paper 146

Cast iron material standards for a new millennium

M P Macnaughtan C.Eng MIMMM FICME, Chairman of ISO/TC25 – Cast irons and Pig irons, Group Technical & Research Manager - EURAC Ltd

Paper 123

Safety cast components for the automotive industry. The metallic charge, the presence of micro elements and their most relevant effects.

R. S. Creo, J. I. Maguregi, J. A. Goñi Güemes. / AZTERLAN Metallurgical Research and Foundry Centre , Spain

Paper 71

New Engineering and Standards Developments in Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI)

K. L. Hayrynen, PhD*, J. R. Keough, PEng*, A. Rimmer, PhD**. / * Applied Process Inc.-Technologies Division, Livonia , Michigan , USA ; ** ADI Treatments Ltd., Birmingham , West Midlands , UK

Process Control in Ferrous Casting Production

Paper 202

Effects of inoculation and solidification rate on the thermal conductivity of grey cast iron

D. Holmgren, A. Diószegi and I. L. Svensson. / Jönköping University , Dept. of Mechanical Engineering/Component Technology, Sweden

Paper 68

Thermochemistry and kinetics of iron melt treatment

S. N. Lekakh*, D. G. C. Robertson* and C. R. Loper Jr. ** / * University of Missouri–Rolla , ** University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee , USA

Paper 54

The filtration of large grey and ductile iron castings

E. Wiese, Foseco Plc, UK

Paper 94

Study of the occurrence and suppression of metal reoxidation in ferrous castings

T.Elbel*,J.Senberger**,A.Zadera**,L.Kocian*., * VSB – Technical University of Ostrava , CZ, ** Brno University of Technology , CZ

Paper 168

New austenitic flake cast iron with manganese

P Sriram, Rapsri , India

Paper 129

Carbon recovery and inoculation effect of carbonic materials in cast iron processing

M Chisamera / Politehnica University of Bucharest , Romania

Paper 94

Study of the occurrence and suppression of metal reoxidation in ferrous castings

T.Elbel*, J.Senberger**, A.Zadera**, L.Kocian*., * VSB – Technical University of Ostrava , CZ, ** Brno University of Technology , CZ

Paper 168

New austenitic flake cast iron with manganese

P Sriram, Rapsri , India

Paper 129

Carbon recovery and inoculation effect of carbonic materials in cast iron processing

M Chisamera / Politehnica University of Bucharest , Romania

Optimisation of Ferrous Melting

Paper 20

Energy saving potential of melting medium-frequency coreless induction furnaces

F Donsbach and D Trauzeddel. / Otto Junker GmbH , Germany

Paper 145

Advances in the melting of high quality grey iron automotive castings at Precision Disc Castings

M P Macnaughtan*, D Eggleston and N Richardson ** / * Eurac Ltd, UK , ** Precision Disc Castings Ltd, UK

Paper 148

Oxygen technologies: reduce melting cost and emissions

T. Niehoff *, P. Keena ** / * Air Products GmbH , Germany , ** Air Products Plc, UK

Optimisation of Ferrous Melting

Paper 15

Development and use of a new optical sensor system for induction furnace crucible monitoring

W Schmitz *, F Donsbach * and H Hoff **. / * Otto Junker GmbH , Germany , ** Lios Technology GmbH , Germany

Paper 114

Development of coke alternate material using woody biomass

Yasufumi YAMAGUCHI *, Shoji KIGUCHI ** and Hirotoshi Murata *** / * Dr. Researcher, Kinki University , ** Prof. and Dr. Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kinki University , *** Naniwa Roki Co Ltd, Japan

Process Control in Aluminium Casting

Paper 33

Squeeze casting of aluminum alloy safety critical components for automotive applications

R. DasGupta * , C. Barnes * , P. Radcliffe ** & P. Dodd ** / * SPX Contech , USA , ** SPX Contech , UK

Paper 95

Effects of pouring temperature and squeeze pressure on the properties of Al-8%Si alloy squeeze cast components

A. Raji / & R. H. Khan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Technology , Nigeria

Paper 200

On the effect of cooling conditions and variation of alloying elements on the microstructural and mechanical properties of Al-7%Si cast alloys

S. Seifeddine and I. L. Svensson / Jönköping University , School of Engineering Component Technology , Sweden

Paper 7

A study on the hot tearing in Al-1% Sn cast alloys

G.L. Datta + and D. Benny Karunakar ++ , + Professor, Mechanical Engineering. Dept., IIT, India , ++ Research Scholar

Paper 26

A study of double oxide film defect behaviour in a quiescent aluminium melt

R. Raiszadeh* and W D Griffiths / Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science, The University of Birmingham , (*currently working in the Department of Materials Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman , Iran .)

Paper 213

Effect of melting and casting conditions on aluminium metal quality

D. Dispinar and J Campbell / Department of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham , UK

Paper 21

Strontium effect on the solidification path of a 319-type aluminum alloy

J. J. Montes-Rodríguez, M. Castro-Román, M. Herrera-Trejo. / Cinvestav Unidad Saltillo , Mexico

Paper 50

Effectiveness of Zn-Ti Based Refiner of Al and Zn Foundry Alloys

W. K. Krajewsk * i, A. L. Greer ** , J. Zych * and J. Buraś * / * AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Foundry Engineering.  Poland , ** University of Cambridge , UK

Paper 106

Effects of process parameters on the morphology of TiAl 3 particle during the production of Al-Ti-B Master Alloy by Flux Reaction

M Ryou * , S-H Choi ** and M-H Kim *. / * School of Materials Science and Engineering, Inha University , South Korea ** Dongyang Junior Technical College , S Korea

Paper 221

The new method and device for fast evaluating inoculation result of eutectic Al-Si alloys

L Dayong, S Dequan , W Lihua and Z Yutong / Harbin University of Science and Technology , China

Paper 53

Advances in the determination of hydrogen concentrations in aluminium alloys

A. Froescher. Foseco GmbH , Germany

Paper 93

The effects of HIP on bifilms in aluminum castings

J Staley. Robert Morris University , USA

Paper 134

The effect of using bubbling and AlCuP for refining primary silicon at Al-18%Si alloy

S-m Kim, J-P Choi, T-W Nam and E-P Yoon. Hanyang University , S Korea

Paper 136

A study of the structural controlling of Al-Si alloy by using electromagnetic vibration

J-P Choi, T-W Nam and E-P Yoon / Hanyang University , S Korea

Paper 172

Investigation of crack generation under the influence of thermal stress during cast process

S-Y Kwak, N-U Ho, S-W Lee, J-T Kim and J-K Choi / Centre for e-design, KITECH, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology , Korea

Paper 46

The prefil technique for molten metal cleanliness measurement

J Pickering and P Enright / N-Tec Limited, UK

Paper 42

Fabrication of silicon ingot by CCCC method

B M Moon, D S Lee, B H Kim, J S Shin ad S M Lee / KITECH, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology , Korea

Paper 195

Microstructure observations and refining performances of Al-Ti-C master alloys prepared by salt route

A Sharma / Malaviya National Institute of Technology , India

Improving the Quality of Light Alloy Castings

Paper 17

The use of tilt filling to improve the quality and reliability of castings

R.A. Harding, IRC in Materials Processing, The University of Birmingham , UK

Paper 25

The influence of heat treatment on the structure and tensile properties of cast titanium alloy Ti-5111

A.C. Robinson * E.J. Czyryca * and D.A. Koss ** / * Naval Surface Warfare Center , Carderock Division, USA , ** The Pennsylvania State University , USA

Paper 142

Magnesium alloy castings – past and present

P J Thompson, Castings Technology International, UK

Paper 161

Magnesium alloy R&D challenges – aerospace spinoff

S. Sundarrajan, Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad , India

Paper 229

Alpha-case controlled titanium casting

S-Y Sung and Y-J Kim / Department of Advanced Materials Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Paper 60

Surface tension and viscosity of Mg alloys

S Park / Gyeongsang National University , S Korea

Paper 82

Mechanical properties and microstructural evolution of rheo-diecast AZ91D magnesium alloy during heat treatment

Y Wang, G Liu and Z Fan / Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST), Brunel University , UK

Paper 16

Effect of grain refinement on the mechanical properties of magnesium alloys and its alloys

Y Han, Ulsan , S Korea

Paper 34

Green Manufacturing for Magnesium Alloys

S K. Kim, J-K Lee, Y-O Yoon and H-H Jo / Korea Institute of Industrial Technology , Korea

Paper 150

Role of Carbon as Solute Element in Carbon Grain Refinement of Mg-Al Alloy

S-Y Shim, Q Jin, S-G Lim / Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Research Center for Aircraft Parts Technology, Gyeongsang National University , Korea

Volume Production of Non-Ferrous Castings

Paper 5

The intelligent casting production: how to use automation to improve the economics of near net shape castings

K Holmen, DISA Industries, Denmark

Paper 174

Double cavity casting of transmission case: a technical solution to a foundry capacity problem

M Ahmed, Honda , UK

Paper 190

Development of tilt casting technology for high performance sport wheels

K K Tong * , M S Yong * , Y W Tham * , R Chang ** and K W Wee ** / * Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Agency for Science, Technology and Research , Singapore , ** Stamford Tyres Corporation Ltd, Singapore

Paper 78

Process development for highly stressed aluminium castings under consideration of the increase in performance of the diesel engines

F. Mnich * , H.C. Saewert * , A. Tamez ** , R. Bähr *** , E. Krebs **** / * NEMAK-Rautenbach Europe; ** NEMAK S. A. de C. V. Mexico, *** University of Magdeburg, Casting Technologies, Germany, **** Rautenbach-Guss Wernigerode GmbH, Germany

Advanced Simulation Techniques for Casting

Paper 51

Using stress simulation to tackle distortion and cracking in castings

Dr.-Ing. A. Egner-Walter * , S. Olive ** / * MAGMA GmbH , Germany , ** Maxima Engineering , UK

Paper 144

The use of different computer simulation software packages to predict casting filling and solidification

S Oxley and P M Haigh, Castings Technology International, UK

Paper 186

Prediction of the influence of microstructure, porosity and residual stresses on strength properties of aluminum castings

R Baehr *, M Todte * and H Stroppe **. * University of Magdeburg , Casting Technologies, Germany ,** Institute of High Technologies and Education e.V. Germany

Paper 173

Intelligent riser/chill/gating design system using simulations and discrete optimisation algorithm

C Lim, J Nam , I Cho, S Yoo , J Choi / Korea Institute of Industrial Technology , Korea

Paper 183

Research on mould filling process of melt in vertical centrifugal casting

G Jingjie, L Changyun, W Shiping , F Hengzhi / School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, P.R.China

Paper 207

Nonlinear modeling with hydrodynamics and flow control using inverse pouring dynamics of tilting-ladle-type automatic Pouring process

Y Noda / Toyohashi University of Technology , Japan

Paper 203

Three-dimensional modelling and simulation of die-casting processes for Al-Si alloys

H Y Hwang * , J-K Choi * , E I Marukovich ** , A M Branovitsky ** and I L Zakharov ** / * Korean Institute of Industrial Technologies (KITECH), Republic of Korea , ** Institute of Technology of Metals of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus , Belarus

Paper 35

Empirical model for tensile property prediction in cast and heat treated Al-Si-Cu-Mg alloys

J. Fang * , H. D. Brody * and J. E. Morral ** / * University of Connecticut , USA , ** The Ohio State University , USA

Paper 36

Simulation of Solute Redistribution during Casting and Solutionizing of Multi-phase, Multi-component Aluminum Alloys

F. Yi, * H. D. Brody * and J. E. Morral ** / * University of Connecticut , USA , ** The Ohio State University , USA

Enhanced Design by Simulation

Paper 86

Computer simulation study upon the influence of geometry on the critical velocity for molten aluminium

R Cuesta, A Delgado, J A Maroto, D Mozo / Foundation for the Research and Development in Transport and Energy, CIDAUT, Spain

Paper 90

Porosity criteria functions revisited

J. T. Berry and R. Luck / Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mississippi State University

Paper 55

Simulation of casting solidification using different boundary conditions

J S Suchy , A Gradowski and J Lelito / AGH, University of Science and Technology, Department of Modelling of Foundry Process , Poland

Paper 28

Mathematical modelling of compacting process of greensand moulding

L Wenzhen, Z Kelin, W Junjiao / Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University , China

Paper 155

Improving casting performance through customized insulating shapes and advanced simulation techniques

J Prat * , A Meléndez *** ,A Seoane ** , E Anglada *** , A Beeson * , M Arrieta * , J Galaz * , A Jorge ** & T Vicario *** / * Ashland Casting Solutions, ** Betsalde S.A.L., *** INASMET-TECNALIA , Spain

Paper 209

Prediction of shrinkage defect in steel casting for marine engine cylinder cover by numerical analysis

K H Kim * , J H Hwang * , J S Oh ** , D H Lee *** , I H Kim * and Y C Yoon * / * Hyundai Industrial Research Institute, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd., Korea ** Engine & Machinery Division, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd., Korea *** Hankuk Heavy Machinery Ind. , Korea

Optimisation of the Casting Process

Paper 73

Accurate and complex NET-SHAPE castings for challenging markets

M Horacek * and J Cilecek ** , * Brno University of Technology , CZ, ** Alucast Foundry, Tupesy, CZ

Paper 122

Innovations in machine learning and defect diagnostics

R.S. Ransing and M. R. Ransing / Civil and Computational Engineering, School of Engineering , Swansea University , UK

Paper 167

Effect of ultrasonic vibration on structure refinement of metals

Q M Liu, Y Zhang, Y L Song, F P Qi and Q J Zhai / School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai University , P. R. China

Paper 219

HIPing – A potent post casting treatment for high integrity aluminium castings

R.M. Pillai, Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR), India

Innovative and Novel Means of Casting Production

Paper 23

Wicking of liquid polystyrene degradation products into the pattern coating in the lost foam casting process

P J Davies and W D Griffiths / Department of Metallurgy and Materials, School of Engineering , University of Birmingham , UK

Paper 91

Mould filling in the lost foam casting of aluminium alloys

M. J. Ainsworth * and W. D. Griffiths ** / * Gemco Cast Metal Technology, The Netherlands . ** Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science, School of Engineering , University of Birmingham , UK

Paper 154

Rapid shell build for investment casting: revolutionizing an ancient process

S Jones, C Yuan and S Blackburn / IRC in Materials Processing, University of Birmingham , UK

Paper 132

Fabrication of Ni-Al intermetallic compounds on the Al casting alloy by SHS process

G.S. Cho * , K.R. Lee * , K.H. Choe * , K.W. Lee * and A. Ikenaga ** / * Advanced Material R/D Center, KITECH, ** Osaka Prefecture University, 1-1 Gakuen-cho, Sakai , Osaka 599-8531, Japan

Paper 127

Influence of viscosity-increasing processes on metal foam stability

K Kadoi * , M Tayama * , H Nakae ** / * Graduate Student, Dep. of Material Science and Engineering, Waseda University , Japan , ** Dep. of Material Science and Engineering, Waseda University , Japan

Latest Development in Mould and Coremaking

Paper 81

AWB – an environment-friendly core production technology

T Steinhäuser, Universität Duisburg-Essen , Germany

Paper 97

Advances in thin-wall sand casting

R.E. Showman, R.C. Aufderheide, N.P. Yeomans / Ashland Casting Solutions, USA

Paper 9

The significance of total carbon in greensand systems

A Brown, James Durrans and Sons Limited, UK

Paper 57

A new generation of advanced polyurethane coldbox binders for aluminium castings

A. Schrey, Foseco GmbH , Germany

Latest Development in Mould and Coremaking

Paper 14

A technological advantage for the environmental age

L. R. Horvath / Ashland Casting Solutions, USA

Paper 151

Dispersive mixing of natural mouding sand – an optimised preparation process

M. Mueller / Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co KG, Hardheim , Germany

Paper 237

New innovative solutions for foundries by inorganic concepts

J Müller, R Stötzel / ASK GmbH, Germany

Paper 118

Phenolic urethane cold-box binders – a study of global properties, variables, causes and effects

M. Stancliffe / Ashland Casting Solutions, UK

Paper 210

Modelling and identification of pouring flow process with tilting-type ladle for an innovative press casting method using greensand mould

Y Matsuo * , Y Noda * , K Terashima * , K Hashimoto ** , Y Suzuki *** / * Dept. of Production Systems Engineering, Toyohashi Univ. of Technology, ** Sintokogio, Ltd *** Aisin Takaoka Co Ltd, Japan

Paper 102

Inorganic binders: properties and experience

K Löchte and R Boehm, Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH, Germany

Latest Advances in Die-Casting Technology

Paper 179

Study on vacuum die casting process of aluminum alloys

B Hu * , S Xiong * , M Murakami ** , Y Matsumoto ** and S Ikeda **.  / * Key laboratory for Advanced Manufacturing by Materials Processing Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University , Beijing , P.R. China, ** TOYO Machinery & Metal Co. Ltd, Japan

Paper 164

Investigation on the flow pattern in the shot sleeve of the cold chamber HPDC process

J-H Hong, Y-S Choi, H-Y Hwang, J-K Choi / Center for e-Design, KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology), Yeonsu-Gu, South Korea

Paper 192

Definition and development of an innovative coating for optimised tooling, used in aluminium die-casting.

H.Delorme * , C.Héau ** , E.Neto *** and K.Metzgar ****.  / * ExproHEF , France , ** HEF R&D, France, *** HEF do Brasil, **** HEF USA

Paper 246

A new future for gravity moulding

M Bakrim, J Vervier, C Vandenhaute, F Ngirabacu and D Vervier / Atelier de la Mécanique (ALM SA), Belgium

Paper 228

Titanium matrix (TiB + TiC) composites shot sleeve for Al alloys die casting

S-Y Sung, B-J Choi and Y-J Kim Dept of Adv Materials Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Post Production Processing , Finishing and Inspection

Paper 108

Fluidised bed for stripping sand casting process

G Belforte, M Carello, V Viktorov

Dipartimento di Meccanica, Politecnico di Torino , Italy

Paper 143

Robot based oxy-fuel cutting and stub-grinding for castings in low series

Prof. Dr. B. Lauwers * , H. De Baerdemaeker * , Dr. P Haigh ** , R. Wallis **.  / * K.U.Leuven, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Division PMA, Leuven , Belgium , ** Castings Technology International, UK

Paper 128

Automatic visual 3-D inspection of castings

D vom Stein, Inspectomation GmbH, Germany

Paper 158

Thermomechanical treatment of austempered ductile iron

A A Nofal, H Nasr El-din and M M Ibrahim, Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute, (CMRDI), Cairo , Egypt

Paper 238

New adaptive machining methods for the foundry industry

P Dickin, Delcam , UK

Paper 41

Development of a low alloy cast steel for automobile blanking, drawing, and trimming die

J. S. Shin, C. B. Song, B. H. Kim, S. M. Lee, and B. M. Moon / Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Incheon , Korea

Metal Matrix Composites

Paper 104

A novel aluminium matrix composite synthesized by magnetochemical melt reaction in the system Al-Zr-O-B

Y Zhao, Y M Yousseff ** R W Hamilton ** and P D Lee ** / * School of Materials Sci and Engng, Jiangsu University , China , ** Dept of Materials, Imperial College , London , UK

Paper 112

Compo-casting method for alumina ceramics inserted in cast iron to reduce thermal stress

Y Tomita * , H Sumimoto * , K Nakamura ** and S Kiguchi * / * Kinki University , Japan , ** Honorary Professor of Kinki University , Japan

Paper 205

Production of hybrid metal matrix composites and its wear behavior

K. V Mahendra * , and Dr. K. Radhakrishna ** / * Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, New Horizon College of Engineering , Bangalore , India., ** Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India

Paper 58

Effect of volume fraction and particle size of reinforcement on thermal analysis and heat transfer parameters of gravity die cast hypereutectic Al-22% SI alloy matrix composites

P. K Subramanya., S Hegde and K. N Prabhu / Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering National Institute of Technology Karnataka , India

Paper 201

Processing of Al-Mg/Al 2 O 3 interpenetrating composites by pressureless infiltration

H Chang * , J G P Binner * , R L Higginson * and R Sambrook ** / * IPTME, Loughborough University , UK , ** Hi-Por Ceramics Ltd, Sheffield , UK

Paper 111

Spontaneous infiltration mechanism of Al-Si melts into SiCp preform

H Nakae * , Y Araoka ** and Y Sugiyama *** / * Dept Materials Sci and Eng, Waseda University , Japan , ** Graduate Student, Waseda University currently with NKK Spring Co Ltd, *** Graduate Student, Waseda University currently with Nissan Motor Company Ltd

Paper 120

Fabrication of short alumina fibre and in-situ Mg 2 Si particle-reinforced magnesium alloy hybrid composite and its strength properties

K Asano and H Yoneda, Kinki University , Japan

Paper 204

Production, evaluation and comparison of mechanical wear and corrosion properties of Al-Flyash1 and Al-Flyash2 metal matrix composite

M Ramachandra and K Radhakrishna / Dept of Mechanical Engineering, BMS College of Engineering , India

Paper 196

Evaluation of mechanical wear properties of Al-Si(12.2%)-graphite metal matrix composite synthesized using stir casting method

M Ramachandra and K Radhakrishna / Dept of Mechanical Engineering, BMS College of Engineering , India

Semi-Solid Processing

Paper 22

A comparison of thixocasting and rheocasting

S. P. Midson * and A.Jackson ** / The Midson Group, Inc.Denver , Colorado , USA , ** Arthur Jackson & Co Ltd, UK

Paper 8

Near net-shaping aerospace alloys by thixoforming

P. Kapranos & M. Farnsworth / The University of Sheffield , Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, (AMRC/Boeing), UK

Paper 79

Solidification structure and mechanical properties of semi-solid processed cast iron

M Ramadan, H Nomura and M Takita / Department of Materials, Physics and Energy Engineering, Materials Processing Engng, Nagoya University , Japan

Paper 70

Microstructure and mechanical properties of rheo-diecast (RDC) aluminium alloys

X. Fang, J. Patel and Z. Fan / BCAST (Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology) Brunel University , UK

Paper 171

Industrial application of thixoforming at SAG

J Wöhrer and A Kraly / Salzburger Aluminium AG in Lend, Austria

Paper 83

Direct chill rheocasting (DCRC) and extrusion of AZ31 Mg-alloy

S. M. Zhang * , Z. Zhen and Z. Fan, / BCAST (Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology) Brunel, University, UK , * On leave from General Research Institute for Non-Ferrous Metals, Beijing , P.R.China

Paper 69

Microstructure evolution in Al-7Si-0.3Mg alloy during partial melting and solidification from melt: a comparison

S Nyamannavar * , M. Ravi and K. Narayan Prabhu * / Regional Research Laboratory , India , * National Institute o f Technology Karnataka-Surathkal , India

Paper 124

Net shape forming of iron and steel for clean production

J Youn and Y-J Kim / Sungkyunkwan University , S Korea

Paper 77

A study on semi solid squeeze forging of high strength brass

K H Choe * , G S Cho * , K W Lee * , Y J Choi ** , K Y Kim *** and M H Kim **** / * Advanced Material R/D Center, KITECH, Korea , ** Hanbat National University , Korea , *** Hankuk Aviation University , Korea , **** Inha University , Korea

The Foundry Industry and the Environment

Paper 185

How to link OSHA requirements to Kyoto ’s demands for protection of climate?

R Kurtsiefer, KMA GmbH, Germany

Paper 193

Occupational exposure to chemical agents in the Portuguese foundry industry

J C Costa, Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, Portugal

Paper 165

Improving environmental performance and satisfying regulatory requirements through the continuous monitoring of particulate emissions from foundry processes

W.Averdieck, J Hartshorne and S Werrell, PCME Ltd, UK

Paper 100

Novel approaches in reducing pouring emissions

J H Helber, IfG – Institute of Foundry Technology , Germany

Users Perspectives on the Casting Industry

Paper 215 (invited paper)

The aerospace industry and its work with global suppliers

D Jakstis, Spirit Aerosystems Wichita , USA

Paper 233 (invited paper)

Castings users viewpoint

M Kennedy, Holset , UK

Paper 110

New solutions in ductile cast iron for the retrievable storage of radioactive waste

C Macke-Bart * , G Regheere * , D Linxe * and A Beziat **. / * CTIF (Development Centre for Materials Forming Industries), France , ** CEA (French Energy Atomic Commission), France

People Skills and the Castings Industry

Paper 216

Metal casting’s secret ingredient

WW Sorenson, Executive Director, Foundry Educational Foundation , USA

Paper 162

People and skills for today’s industry- an Indian experience

K.Gnanamurthy, Lakshmi Machine Works, Coimbatore , India

Paper 214

How metals employers engage in the UK skills agenda

E Bonfield , Metskills, SEMTA , UK

Paper 197

Latest trends in industrial skills development techniques

Dr. C. Ashley * , Eur Ing C.J.C. Bale * , N. Millan * , T.M. Williams * and R.J. Hendley **. / * AutoTrain LLP , UK , ** School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham , UK

Paper 191

OVOTRAIN On-line Virtual Vocational Training System

K Bako, K Lengyel, TP Technoplus Ltd, Hungary

Management in the Global Foundry Industry

Paper 163

Inclusive, innovative and sustainable environmental management system

V Narasimhan / Brakes India Limited, Foundry Division, Sholinghur , India

Paper 3

Foundry management by internet

T D Law, AFSoftware Limited

Paper 250

South African aluminium foundry industry: an international perspective

T Paterson, Striko Westoven GmbH , Germany


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